Uyen Tang - Founder & CEO, STYLECABLE

Biography: Uyen Tang is the CEO and Founder of STYLECABLE, an online marketplace featuring emerging designers. Her eye for design and style is inspired by her world travels, and she has an affinity for a modern and edgy aesthetic. As a business-minded executive, Uyen enjoys working with Fortique providers because they are amazing creatives and also reliable professionals.

Why We Trust Her: Uyen's look is clean, modern, and sophisticated.  STYLECABLE's website design is highly editorial and relies heavily on beautiful product imagery.  Uyen knows what she's doing when it comes to a great photo shoot!


Jessica Gressa

Jess is able to execute on our vision for makeup exactly how we want it. The makeup she uses is always high quality and I’m impressed by how quickly she works and her knowledge of beauty brands and products. She also has high energy, a great positive attitude and we love working with her.

Laura Fruchterman

Laura produces beautiful editorial and product photos. In addition to being a great photographer, Laura’s photo editing skills are top notch. She’s easy to work with and quickly understands our vision and goals. Laura is a professional and I really appreciate how fast and efficient she is able to execute a project.