Shavanna Miller - Founder & CEO, Bloompop

Biography: Shavanna is the Founder and CEO of Bloompop, the best way to buy gorgeous flowers from local florists. She previously led the digital sales and marketing team for Rosetta Stone consumer, loves packaging design, DIY'ing, and working with talented people who can't stand it when they aren't creating.

Why We Trust Her: Shavanna has built a successful business while refusing to compromise on quality and beauty.  We love the editorial look of her website and are proud to have her as a tastemaker!


Laura Fruchterman

Laura Fruchterman is a fantastic photographer who provides Bloompop with product photography that really showcases the depth, color, and textures of our local florists' unique designs. She is also a pleasure to work with - professional, reliable, efficient, and friendly! I'd highly recommend Laura.