Nikki Rappaport - Founder, Cupcakes for Breakfast

Biography: Nikki Rappaport is passionate about so many things, and she packs every day full with trying to do them all. She writes about baking, DC dining, style, twenty-something life, and love of color on her blog Cupcakes for Breakfast. She's the Brand Strategist at Cava Grill, where she oversees experiential and digital marketing. If there's time, Nikki also dabbles in wedding planning, personal brand consulting, and making the perfect chocolate frosting.

Why We Trust Her: Nikki is hands-down one of our favorite DC bloggers.  We adore her food posts, perspective on life, and oh yes, her apartment!  We're honored to have her as a tastemaker.


Cherry Blossom Creative

One of my favorite things about DC is our creative community, which is constantly growing and becoming more outstanding. Two players that have continually stood out to me are Cherry Blossom Creative and Tomboy.


Cherry Blossom Creative and Tomboy both have their own unique design style – making our city more beautiful with each project.

NEAT Method

If you love design and organization, you'll also be in awe of the spaces that NEAT Method is creating. Raelynn and Catherine are the power duo behind this service that helps you rethink how you live in your space – hello perfectly organized kitchen pantry!