Grace Lee - Founder, Bridal Bellhop

Biography: Grace Lee is the founder of Bridal Bellhop, a wedding concierge web app designed to help brides save time and energy. With a background in database technology, Grace is a self proclaimed data geek.  Grace loves yoga, bright lipstick, and food that tastes as good as it looks. On the weekends you'll catch her doing headstands, when she's not busy playing with her dog Alphie

Why We Trust Her: It's no secret we're HUGE fans of Bridal Bellhop.  Grace and her team have impeccable taste and know what to look for in great creative vendors!


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Bonnie Sen

Bonnie Sen is a fantastic photographer! She has a great eye for capturing details and is super easy to work with. Bonnie has a contagious creative spirit that makes working with her so much fun and her photos frame-worthy.