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My Story:

My passion for photography began as a child running around photographing everything with my chunky fisher price camera. I really started developing my skill in high school and decided to attend Rochester Institute of Technology where I graduated with a BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration, specializing in Advertising Photography.  I continued my career as a photo editor at LivingSocial where I have had the opportunity to photograph people, fashion, food and products.  So whether it is a look book, your latest product line, or a new headshot you need help with I'd love to work with you! Contact me and let's chat about your next project!

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My Services: 

  • Fashion
  • Products
  • Portraits
  • Food
  • Real Estate
  • Wedding


I love my job as a photo editor, because it exposes me to so many types of photography. My dream job is to be a fashion photographer for Vogue. 

I love light! Whether is natural or created, seeing how things can be showcased with light fascinates me.
I also love shoes, visiting wineries all over my home state of Virginia, and can't wait to travel and photograph the world!

Reviews (7):

"Laura was the photographer for a promotional shoot we had for Fortique.  She was so professional and talented - I can't say enough great things.  She was great about giving me advice on smiling, posing, etc so I looked my best throughout the shoot.  She was also incredibly patient!  I highly recommend her!" - Stephanie, Client 

"I was fortunate enough to work with Laura on LivingSocial's first flash-sale venture, Shop. Laura is the consummate professional- always patient and inventive in difficult situations. With ease, she went from shooting a portrait of the CEO of the company to shooting a product in our studio and then onto a difficult interior shot with little to no lighting. Laura is a joy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her for any job no matter how small or how large." - Grace, Colleague

"Laura produces beautiful editorial and product photos. In addition to being a great photographer, Laura’s photo editing skills are top notch. She’s easy to work with and quickly understands our vision and goals. Laura is a professional and I really appreciate how fast and efficient she is able to execute a project." - Uyen Tang, Founder, STYLECABLE

"Laura is dependable, hard-working and an expert at what she does!  The beautiful images she captured of my product have made all the difference in helping to ensure a successful product launch." - Kitiya King, Founder, Mischo Beauty

"Having personally worked with Laura in shooting for my blog, I can happily say she is so, so talented and such a delight to collaborate with. Seriously, her skill is highly impressive and she really knows how to capture the right feel depending on her subject." - Liz McAvoy, What Dress Code?

"I had the great pleasure of working with Laura to develop photography for the Vinolovers site. Her mastery of the intricacies of lighting, coupled with her professionalism and attention to detail, made for an excellent photography experience and provided our site the images that really stand out." - Justin Harrison, Founder, Vinolovers

"Laura Fruchterman is a fantastic photographer who provides Bloompop with product photography that really showcases the depth, color, and textures of our local florists' unique designs. She is also a pleasure to work with - professional, reliable, efficient, and friendly! I'd highly recommend Laura." - Shavanna Miller, Founder, Bloompop

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