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I always loved photography and had an interest in trying but didn’t take the leap until 2009. I remember thinking, “it’s time…” and an incredible journey of self-discovery and exploration ensued.  I started with street photography before moving into travel photography and fine art.  Now it’s my craft of joy, and I’m making it more a part of my life everyday.

I tend to shoot mostly in black and white to capture the play between light and shadow as completely as possible. I am self taught and push myself to always keep in mind that photography is truly about the light, and I think black and white photography displays this translation the most.  I dabble in color here and there, especially for clients.

Besides serving clients, and making pictures, I’m a huge fan of my dog Petey.

I’m based in DC, but will travel anywhere to make photos to serve my clients either as commissioned work or on assignment.

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My background is in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Politics, and Culture and I use the Persian script for adam, which also means ‘human’ or ‘person’, in my logo. My interest and love of Islamic culture is reflected in my early imagery as I traveled through Central Asia and the Middle East, but I am finding more and more inspiration in every day life, in the now, and in my own country.

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