Patty Chism - Personal Stylist

My Story: 

I believe your clothes reflect who you are and what you want the outside world to perceive of you. When you put effort into your appearance, like anything you devote effort to in life, you come up with positive outcomes that result in a sense of pride and confidence…confidence with style that is. I offer personal styling services that range from closet consultations to personal shopping. Contact me for further info!

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My Services: 

  • Closet Consultations
  • Shopping Consultations
  • Personal Shopping
  • Styling for Special Events

$50+ / Hour

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Colombian born, raised in Toronto, Canada, started traveling the globe right after graduating from York University in 2007. Taught English in Seoul, South Korea for almost two years and traveled to gorgeous places like the Philippines and Japan. From Asia, traveled to Medellin, Colombia and taught English at a local high school. What I cherish and loved most about my travels was immersing myself into so many different cultures and realizing that true style is universal. I love being a fashionista without borders!

Reviews (4):

"Patty is amazing! She's the go to girl for great style at reasonable prices! Not only did Patty show me the latest trends, she also taught me how to use my current wardrobe in a new way! The ultimate fashionista!" - Jax, Client

"In preparing for my music competition, one of the smartest preparation moves I made was getting in touch with Patty Chism. Even though I was in New York and she was in DC, Patty was very accessible through email, phone, and webcam chats. Instead of trying to reinvent me into something I wasn't, Patty's goal was to take my musical style and accurately reflect that in my fashion style. None of her suggestions were over the top or too expensive for my shoestring budget. For items I had trouble finding, Patty told me exactly where to go and how much I should be paying for them, as well as patiently answering my stream of questions about the process. It was amazing how much detail and attention she gave to my outfits even though we were in different cities. I highly recommend Patty Chism at and hope to continue being one of her clients in the future!" - Steve, Client

"I like to keep it safe when it comes to my wardrobe. The fact is, I often feel like my thick thighs prevent me from wearing bold colors and patterns. Well, Patty changed that for me. With her styling, anything looks good and I've found the confidence to where bold colors and patterns proudly! Would recommend Patty to anyone looking to get past those self doubts." - Rock, Client

"I received the most amazing styling consultation from Patty.  She helped me organize my closet to see what I had - the absolute bare essentials.  With Patty's great eye, I was able to increase my wardrobe for a reasonable price and use all the clothes I already owned. With Patty's enthusiasm and eye for style, she helped me feel like a whole new person! Thanks Patty!" - Terasita, Client

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