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My Story:

Founded by Grant Harris in 2009, Image Granted, LLC is a Washington, DC based image consulting company dedicated to solving the complex image, style & fashion issues of today’s professional man. Image Granted helps individual and corporate clients attract, attain, and retain their best image through value-based services creating lasting business to consumer relationships in the menswear industry. Your image…Granted!


My Services:

  • Hands-Free Styling:  Personalized outfits and/or packing lists arrive in your inbox, in time for every trip, date, or important event in your life. Send a snapshot of any new items you purchase, and/or any new events on your calendar, and then rest easy knowing all your clothing needs will be professionally handled when it’s time to shine.
  • 1-Click Wardrobe Updates:  Acquire a new item? Send a snapshot, and leave the rest to me. I’ll add it to your Virtual Wardrobe, to make the most of your closet at all times. Plus, you’ll get a handful of NEW outfits right to your Inbox, of great looks you can create with this new item, to keep your look fresh, and get the most bang for your buck.
  • “Red Phone” Image Service:  Outfit recommendations and packing lists on demand, landing in your Inbox 24 hours or less. (Times and expectations determined during kick-off consultation.)
  • 4/7 Personal Shopping:  Armed with your complete wardrobe, sizes, fits, and preferences wherever I go, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect items and collectibles for you.
  • nowledge Lifeline:  Curated tips, articles, and resources on style, business, travel, and areas of your specific interest, to keep you on the cutting edge of what’s most important to you.
  • Growth Accelerator:  Helping keep you on track toward celebrating your goals, and setting the next bar of achievement each time you hit a milestone. And be prepared: There will be many.


Style isn’t just about clothes. It’s about life. It’s about LIFEstyle.

Reviews (4):

“Thank you! You are one of the top Image Consultants in the nation. I utilized your fashion advice and I now receive immediate compliments from NBC viewers. You took my career to the next level in terms of my appearance. I highly recommend you.”

“It was pleasure to work with Image Granted, they have a fantastic sense of style and professionalism.”

“Grant definitely has an eye for style, and knowing him on a professional level….he’s always been on top of his game.”

“Very professional, direct, and to the point. I would definitely recommend Image Granted to friends as a source for style.”

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