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My Story:

I have been in the clothing industry most of my life, and I understand fashion and how it shapes our lives. I enjoy expressing myself through my personal style and want to assist others who have a love of clothes and want to look good. I don't look at clothing as a way to cover up or just a uniform. Everyone should take a minute to think about what they wear everyday. It says something about you. It tells a story


My Services:

  • Custom suits - Tailored clothing made to your specifications using 21 different measurements. Customize with nuances like pic stitching, choice of 50+ linings, surgeon sleeves, and more
  • Custom shirts - 100% cotton shirts made from the finest cloth in the industry. Choose from over 200 fabric swatches including Thomas Mason Goldline, the finiest in the industry. Personalize your shirt with over 20 collar and cuff styles in our collectio

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At Royal Blue we offer custom clothing fitted and manufactured to your specifications. We believe the most important element in our clothing is the fit, and we are meticulous in getting it right, no exceptions. We make clothes for people from all walks of life, and no one client is more important than the other.

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