Catherine Cano - Personal Stylist

My Story: 

I believe that a collaborative process is the key to success, and I hope to make you look your very best, whether it's for a special event or just an overall wardrobe makeover.

Sometimes all you need is a second pair of eyes to put that perfect outfit together, let me help!


My Services: 

  • Closet Audit

  • Virtual Shopping 

  • Shopping Consultation

  • Bridal Consult

  • Bridesmaids Consult

  • Special Occasion Styling

$45 / Hour

Simple & Chic DC

I am a DC based personal stylist and can help you with your entire wardrobe or just look for a stunning outfit for a special occasion. My goal is to help you present your best personal style with what you already have in your closet (and maybe pick up a couple of new statement pieces!). 

Reviews (5):

"Catherine did exactly what I needed. My clothes were in three closets and now fit into one.I've been wearing clothes that I haven't worn in a long time and it is now so easy to find and put outfits together when I open my closet. She arranged things in a way I would not have done, but now makes perfect sense. We went shopping and now I have great classic pieces. I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own or with a friend. She even made me a "memory pile" for things I can't let go of and should NOT been seen in public wearing.I thank you, Catherine, for making me more stylish and modern looking. My husband thanks you for helping me get rid of "junk"." - Dana K., Client

"Catherine helped me pick a great outfit for an important event at work. She also completed a closet audit. She was great! A pleasure to work with. I'll definitely be using her services in the future." - Lani D., Client

"I just moved into a smaller place and really needed a closet audit. Catherine helped me get rid of pieces that I don't and/or shouldn't be wearing. I needed someone that would be honest with me, without insulting my previous purchases and that's just what she did! Now Catherine is helping me add new pieces, which is a lot of fun because she finds things I wouldn't have considered before. I really appreciate that she offers a consultation, which helped me know we were a good match." - Rachel P., Client

"Catherine takes the clothes that you already have and makes them work in ways that you would never have imagined! From accessories to staple pieces, she is truly a style visionary. I highly recommend her services. You won't be sorry." - Sandy C., Client

"Catherine helped me go through my current wardrobe eliminated dated clothes, helping me pair together possible outfits with pieces I already had, and putting together a list of staple items I could add to expand my options. She then shopped in person and online for the staple items from our list, giving me many options in a wide price range." - Besse R., Client

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