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Our Story:

NEAT Method is a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space. We recognize that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge. NEAT Method will design a customized solution that is not only effective but sustainable.

Expect an honest approach, a sharp eye for detail, and a personal sense of refined style. We believe that once your life is clutter free and well arranged, you will have a new appreciation for the importance of living NEAT.


Our Services: 

  • Organization of Any Area of the Home
  • Custom Closets
  • Coordination of Moving Logistics Including Unpacking and Home Setup Services
  • Space Planning & Arrangement
  • Making Room for Someone New (Baby, Spouse, Roommate)

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Catherine and Raelynn met at their previous job where they noticed a mutual obsession for color coded calendar activities and labels galore.  Instantly friends, they discussed what it would be like to leave the corporate world and turn their passion for clutter-free, organized homes into a business. Determined to put a fresh spin on the organizing industry, the duo joined forces with NEAT Method and began transforming spaces from chaotic to composed.

An addiction to helping others live the NEAT life is not the only thing Catherine and Raelynn have in common.   They enjoy sipping wine at local vineyards, indulging in chocolate chip cookies, and exploring boutiques for unique storage solutions and vintage pieces.


Reviews (3):

"The NEAT girls turned our kitchen from a disorganized nightmare into a much more functional space. We have a small interior room with a pantry that was difficult for us to organize because of its height and depth, but Cath and Raelynn tackled our dry food and canned good overflow with ease. Now we can actually see what we have before going to the store and overbuying things we don't need to replace yet (they may or may not have uncovered multiple bags of noodles stashed in the deep recesses of the closet). They also recommended great organizational products to enhance our pantry and cabinet space. If you're a busy person who leads a cluttered lifestyle but wants a little more organization, these ladies can get you there!" -  Lauren G., Client

"Our 800 sq foot condo has been pretty well-decorated...however, behind the closet doors and dresser drawers was a complete disaster! I felt like we had too much "stuff" and not enough space. I knew I needed some professional organizing help because let's be honest, who really wants to spend their free time organzing?  Walking into my closet literally gave me anxiety and now I honestly feel saved!! I would recommend meeting with an organizing professional to get your closet into shape and NEAT Method was seriously AMAZING!!!  These girls were able to come in and transform our closet into a functional space that will be easy to maintain.  Our stress has been reduced and my daily anxiety is gone now because I know where every little piece is!!" Katie J., Client

"Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping to transform my apartment.  I really appreciate your flexibility in working with my schedule and I love all the beautiful new "NEAT" details in my office, kitchen and closets!" - Christine P., Client

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