Teri Clar - Interior Designer

$75 / Hour

My Story:

NAFASI is energy and play. It's repetition and layering. It's function and fun and comfort and thought. NAFASI is my creative design concepts put together in your home, with your things, on your budget, and with your style. My innovative ideas will lead you outside the box with confidence and perspective. You know when you walk into your favorite spot and the vibe just changes your mood to happy? That's the inspiration for every interior I design. 

I have been creating, painting, and designing since I can remember. Over the past three years I have really discovered my talent with interiors and my passion for finding that perfect piece to make a room flow. Even while I was in the Peace Corps on a $200/month salary, creating a beautiful and comfortable living environment was a top priority. I excel at finding unique, cost effective pieces, utilizing pre-existing furniture in fresh new ways, and getting creative with tight spaces. I would love to help out with that problem room where you have had designer's block.  Check out my blog! http://www.nafasibytericlar.blogspot.com/. I also provide simple consultations and digital mood boards. Contact me with any questions, I love this stuff! :) 



My Services:

  • Design Consultations
  • Floor-Plan/Layout Drafts
  • Design Proposals
  • Accessorizing your Space
  • Restyling
  • Mood Boards
  • Shopping Trips
  • Installations

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I love pattern and color...and funky, beach-bummy, shabby, candle-lit, exposed brick, vintage, natural, salvaged, old-country, summery, clean, warm, lovely, happy, makes you want to never leave your place kind of decor. What does that mean? My style adapts and is always developing, but my one rule is that you must fall in love with every single little thing you put in your space.  That way even your misplaced mugs, blankets, or candles will all fit together.  It must be Your Home.

Reviews (4):

"Teri designed my new home office, and I could not speak more highly of her professionalism, talent, and dedication. She exceeded my expectations by sending me multiple proposals, floor plan layouts, mood boards, and unique pieces she discovered on her own shopping trips. She encouraged me to try new design concepts, and I could not be happier with the outcome!"    - Stephanie, Client

"Teri has always had a knack for pulling things together.  No matter what it is.  She could spend $5 at a thrift store and come back with an amazing outfit.  She can pull out just the right necklace that makes your whole outfit come together (when you thought for sure it would never work!)

Most recently we put these skills to test when she helped with our house.  We have two kids and not a lot of time to spend "pulling it all together."  With mostly only the items that we already had around the house, Teri was able to redesign two of our rooms to bring more functionality and also make them look so much better.  She redesigned items on our buffet table to create a beautiful display and also re-organized our built-in shelves so that they went from looking chaotic and messy to organized and pleasing to the eye.

Besides her amazing sense of style, she is extremely easy to work with and just a bright, sunny personality.  She is warm, fun, creative and flexible and she brings these qualities to all of the work that she does.  In a seemingly effortless way, she knows exactly how to make a house feel like a home (a very nice looking home!)" - Rebecca, Client

"NAFASI was a big help with the huge project we are doing. With a limited staff and an endless list of things that needed to get done in opening a new brewery and restaurant, Teri was amazing at helping us refine our broad thoughts and start making decisions. She was able to listen to our ideas and opinions and seamlessly mesh her tastes, so that we could get on the right track of making our vision come to life. She was always available and quick to respond at a very fair price - even from across the country. We plan to work with her again as our project develops further." - Dave Kroening, Buoy Beer Company 

"Teri has been a great to work with these past few months. She took my vision for my bedroom and executed it flawlessly by selecting pieces that I never would have picked for myself. She transformed my sparsely decorated room into a room that captures my style and works with my lifestyle. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family." - Jessica Moran, Client

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