Nadya Sagner - Art Consultant

My Story:

I help clients find beautiful, affordable, accessible art for their homes and small businesses. I use online sources like Etsy, 20x200, Tip Top Gallery, as well as local boutiques. There's a ton of great, accessible art out there--but it's intimidating if you don't know where to look, or exactly what you're looking for, so I can help navigate. I also love to incorporate found art and pieces that clients already own.


My Services:

  • Art consulting
  • Interior design
  • Home organization

$75 / Hour

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The daughter of an art historian and the wife of a photographer/lawyer, I grew up surrounded by art, and I love to visit museums and make art with my own kids. I studied English at Columbia but spent at least an equal amount of time being inspired by the energy and beauty of New York. I started Blue Locket as a sort of inspiration blog, and my readers encouraged me to make it into an art-consulting business.

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