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My Story:

An Anderson ReDesign project begins with a full understanding of what you want your space to say about you. The appointment will begin with questions about use, purpose, likes and dislikes, and a description of your ideal space. The Anderson ReDesign process is consultative, interactive, and built around your preferences. We incorporate your existing items to the extent you would like to reuse them.


My Services:

  • Designing a space from scratch, with assistance in selecting design elements such as color, paint, flooring, furniture, lighting, and accessories
  • Conducting color consultations to help rooms and homes feel more cohesive
  • ReDesigning the living space to improve the look and functionality of the home for your use and enjoyment
  • Providing advice at the end of the appointment about further steps that can be taken to beautify your home

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I have been passionate about interior design for over two decades. After studying design at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in DC, I have operated Anderson ReDesign, LLC for three years. I also hold a MBA from Duke University and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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