Marketplace Rules:

Fortique is a marketplace for buyers to find sellers of creative services. Whether you're looking for an interior designer, event planner, or photographer, we want the experience to be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Please take a moment to review these Marketplace Rules.

Trust and Safety

Participating in the Fortique marketplace involves real people and real money. It's essential to protect yourself and use common sense, just as you would when conducting business with any party.

Buyers and Sellers: Payment

It is up to Buyers and Sellers to settle payment using their own means and on their own time.  We highly encourage both parties to discuss and feel comfortable with payment method and timing prior to conducting business.  Any disputes regarding payment will need to be settled between Buyer and Seller -- Fortique will not act as a mediator in such disputes.

Please note that the hourly rates quoted on Fortique serve as guidelines and may be changed on a one-off basis as long as the Buyer and Seller both consent.

Stay Safe

Always meet in a public place and avoid doing large transactions in cash.

Take care to protect your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, credit card number. Only provide your personal information to Fortique.

Dispute Resolution

Because transactions take place between you and the other person and all sales are final, Fortique is not able to mediate disagreements or issue refunds for any reason. If you feel you may have been the victim of theft or fraud, be sure to document what happened and contact your local law enforcement for assistance.

Maintaining the safety and integrity of Fortique marketplace is extremely important to us, if a crime has taken place relating to a Fortique transaction, please contact us here.

Personal Conduct

Harassment, sexual solicitation and the use of inappropriate or hateful language are strictly prohibited. Please report any abusive communications sent through Fortique by contacting us here.

Offer Guidelines

All offers posted on Fortique must comply with all applicable local laws and regulations. Don't post anything that is not legal to sell where you are located.

Do not share personal information with other users. Please don't include your name, email address, phone number or other personal information in offers or communications with other users. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the Fortique marketplace, we require that you only communicate through Fortique.

If you suspect an offer may violate these policies, please report it to us by contacting us here.

Thank you for your time and have fun!


The Fortique Team