Infuse Your Space with Color

After a little Spring cleaning reward your diligence with some decorating fun. Whether it's paint, textiles, or accent pieces, adding a little refreshing color is easier than you think. 

There are different ways to approach adding color. Here are a few ways to approach it. 

A color scheme is a classic way to think of color. There are a few different classifications, but we'll just stick to two. 

Color Wheel Fotitque Blog

Analogous Color Scheme: uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, blue-green, green, and yellow-green. Essentially for any color you choose on the color wheel, include the one to the left and the right. 

Complimentary Color Scheme: uses colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, violet and yellow. 

2. Choose Your Favorite: because life is to short to live around anything you don't absolutely love. Say, for example, your favorite color is neon pink. While we might not suggest painting your walls neon pink, we would suggest adding pops of neon and vibrant pinks in the form of pillows, a throw blanket, or some accent pieces like candles or coasters. 

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3. Choose According to the Mood: you'd like to achieve when you're in this particular space. If it's an office maybe you want something energizing, so you might decorate with brighter hues. If it's a bedroom, you may want to incorporate softer shades of your favorite colors. 

Here are a few examples from our interior design experts to inspire you!

If you get overwhelmed, our interior design experts can accommodate a variety of budgets and aesthetics. They can help you through the whole process, or simply help you come up with a mood board that solidifies your aesthetic. Don't hesitate to contact them!