Q + A with Nadya Sagner

We're happy to welcome Art Consultant Nadya Sagner to the Fortique community!

To properly introduce our newest Fortiste, we decided to catch-up with her to find out a little more about this busy mom, wife, and creative entrepreneur. Welcome, Nadya!

Nadya Sagner, Art Consultant

Nadya Sagner, Art Consultant

F: How does a typical day look for you?

N: Get my kids off to school; chat with my husband as I drive him to the Metro; catch up on email; work out; then take care of whatever business I have going on, whether it's a blog post, a writing assignment, a new client consultation, or scouting art in person or online. I love both the structure and the flexibility of my life. So when I feel frustrated over a slower period of work, I remind myself how lucky I am that I'm my own boss, and that I have time to do what I want: see a friend, read a book, go for a walk, go shopping.

F: How did you get started as an art consultant? Did you have another occupation before it?

N: I'd been a magazine editor and freelance writer for years. I started my blog several years ago, and though I wrote about all kinds of style subjects, I realized I enjoyed writing about art the most. Then I started doing informal art consulting for friends, who encouraged me to turn it into a small business.

F: Why is having art in a space important? 

N: Art reflects your personality, your experience—what you want your surroundings to say about you. Art affects the mood of a room, whether it's vibrant or serene.

F: When you're looking at art for a space what exactly are you looking for?

N: As a consultant, I just want to help the clients express themselves in the prettiest, truest way. I actually love when a client's taste is different from my own; it makes me look at art that I wouldn't notice otherwise.

F: Do you have a number one tip/trick of your trade?

N: Keep your eyes open, and don't be a snob. Art is where you find it, whether on an amazing trip or in the aisles of Target.

F: Are there any trends/decorating ideas that you're loving for Spring 2014? 

N: Apparently bright blues and orchids are the big colors for 2014? I love cool shades, and I love flowers, so that one works for me. But I find that my style has tended to solidify as time goes by; I definitely try to keep current, but I'm not a big trend follower.

F: How would you finish the following sentence? Creativity is ...

N: ...self-expression, whatever form that takes!