Your Fortique Guide to Spring

It may have just snowed, but Spring is right around the corner. Don't be caught unprepared for shifting seasons. Here's your very own guide to that sensational (and long-awaited) season we know as Spring!

Clean: Clear out the winter clutter, and make your interiors match your mood- light and bright! 

NEAT Method can help you organize, arrange, or rearrange your space. These ladies are pros, and can have you feeling clean, confident, and prepared. Simplify your space, and simplify your life. (Think about it, what if your desk, closet, and living space looked like the ones pictured below.) We can get behind that! 

Refresh: So, after you've cleaned and organized, you'll probably want to freshen up the space you've been hibernating in. 

We have numerous interior designers that can help you no matter your budget. Remember, our interior design pros can help you in a variety of ways from mood boards and consults, to shopping and full service design. 

Embellish: If your walls are looking a little bare, consider adding some art!

Nadya Sagner can help you add some life to your walls as your go-to art consultant. Whether you'd like to figure out what to do with pieces you already have, or you'd like to find some new wall candy she's here to help!