Fuel DC: Our Big Debut

On Wednesday Fuel D.C.  hosted its first event: a workshop on Google+.

(For those who may not know, Fuel D.C. is a collaborative of three small-business owners: Stephanie of Fortique, Bree of Capital Romance, and Liza of Studio DBI. Together they look to reinvent the idea of a business workshop.) 

After a cocktail hour, our fun and fearless speaker, Allison Guarino, gave our guests the low-down on the seemingly mysterious social network that is Google+. Here are a few highlights from Allison's tutorial at Studio DBI

1. GET STARTED! Even if you don't feel ready to join, you should...now! No more of that "but I don't have a website," or, "I'll do it soon." Excuses are only holding you back. 

Why? Google is a major player on the internet. Establishing yourself and your business will only help your SEO. Everything doesn't need to be perfect to start. The important part is that you start. 

2. KEEP IT UP. Think of your presence on the social network like a muscle you need to exercise. Try to interact and update your Google+ about every 72 hours to stay relevant. This includes not only posting content, but also liking and commenting on the content others are posting. Also, don't forget to follow up with anyone who interacts with you. 

(Be sure that any blog posts you post on any social media sites are re-posted from your website. This will get traffic moving on your site, and function as an archive of published material that gets you recognized by Google.) 

3. LINK YOUR PROFILE. Don't forget to add a "Google+" badge to your website. Visitors to your website will be able to connect to your business on another level. Your online presence will be all the more formidable. 


ABOUT ALLISON:  is a digital marketing strategist passionate about quality content creation and leveraging social media to connect with customers in the hospitality industry. She has extensive experience in the technical side of search engine optimization and website analytics but gets most excited to plan and create unique content for brands including Hyatt Hotels and Hilton Worldwide. In her current role at MICROS eCommerce, she manages web strategy for boutique and portfolio hotel accounts. Allison joined the digital marketing world after tenure in Philadelphia as a private club manager; responsible for marketing, event planning, and operations management.  She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware.

STAY TUNED! Our next workshop will take place in a few months. More details to come!