How to Maximize your Instagram

There's no doubt that Instagram is a valuable marketing platform for businesses. Consider this, Instagram ads from retailers increased ad recall by 32% and brand message lift by 10%. Furthermore, according to Pew Research, 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day, and 35% of those do so multiple times per day. Here are a few tips to make sure you're using the platform to its fullest. 

1. THE PHOTO: Instagram is all about pictures after all, so the photo (or ad) has to be on point. To ensure it's top-notch keep these things in mind:

Is the perspective interesting? What is the content of the photo or ad? Is it engaging?


2. THE EDITS: Instagram features a whole host of editing tools from straightening and enlarging to photo filters. Be sure that the edits you’re making improve the picture. If the content is striking or beautiful on it’s own, for example, there is no need to add a filter.

3. THE CAPTION: The most enjoyable captions are pithy and to the point. So, keep it simple! Remember to tag your images with hashtags if you’re concerned with the discoverability of your photos. If your photo features people or businesses who also have Instagram accounts don’t forget to tag them. 

4.  SHARING: You can post your Instagrams to a variety of other social media platforms you engage in. While you are able to select all of them, it is important to consider where your photo will be the most well-received. Facebook, for instance, may do you more good than Twitter given that images are displayed automatically and don't require clicking a link to view. Figure out how Instagram fits in with your social media strategy.