Flower Care + Keeping

Did you get a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day? (We hope the answer is yes.)

Well, here's a quick review of how to keep them looking great! We'll start from the beginning so you're prepared when you bring home your next bundle of joy. 

Flower Care.jpg

When you get them home

1. REMOVE any wrapping from around your flowers, as well as any foliage that will fall below the water line. 

Why? If not, leaves that lie in the water will quickly deteriorate the quality of the water. You wouldn't want to drink dirty water, right? Don't make your flowers! 

2. CUT your flower stems on an angle. If possible, use flower shears or a flower knife. 

Why? Regular scissors will crush the stem and inhibit water intake. Cut the stems on an angle to ensure maximum water uptake. 

3. ARRANGE flowers in a vase of cool water.

If available, mix flower food into the vase to ensure long-lasting flowers. Some bunches of flowers come with packets of flower food attaches. If not, ask your florist. They typically have some available. 


1. CHANGE the water. 

Why? Your flowers won't thrive in a dirty environment. Be sure to clean the vase with warm soapy water first. 

2. CUT the stems. 

Why? A fresh cut will allow your flowers to soak up all that fresh, clean water you just added. 

3. REMOVE any dying flowers. 

Why? They will only dirty up the water, and take away from the beauty of the flowers that are still going strong.