Curated Finds: Summer to Fall

It's official...summer's wrapping up.  We have the month of September to get comfortable with the idea and to transition our wardrobe, homes, and lifestyle.  Darin, one of our top Washington DC graphic designers, is embracing this transition period with these fabulous finds.  Check out her picks and enjoy!


It's finally here! That sometimes hot and sometimes cool transition to Fall. Over the years, Fall has become my favorite season. There are no mosquitos and it's perfect weather to sit outside in a long sleeve shirt and read a book!

As a Graphic Designer, I am drawn to aesthetically pleasing pieces that aren't too matchy-matchy, but perfectly compliment one another. I tend to make purchases based on the label design or packaging, which doesn't always lead to a good product, but definitely makes for fun DIY projects with leftover bottles and boxes. 

Whether you want to add a little Fall flare to your home, work space or wardrobe, here are a few of my favorite Summer to Fall finds!

Curated Finds Blog.jpg

A. 19FIFTYTHREE Durable Tote Bag designed by Darin Michelle (me). This is an everyday tote that is durable and stylish. I can fit so much in it or just the basics. Perfect for the beach or the coffee sop.

B. Kajs Jewelry by Karin Karlsson. Scandinavian jewelry inspired by nature. I can never get enough of my Kajs rings. My next buy will be the bracelets. These silver pieces are great throughout the year with any outfit.

C. Vans for J.Crew. I love these shoes. I'm from Annapolis, which is a boat town so this style never gets old. It's perfect for a casual stroll or adding a little color to your outfit while out on the town with your friends. 

D. Sweet Petula Soaps. Great soap, great design. Perfect for the home. Keep the wrappers and frame them like I did in my bathroom; makes for great and affordable art.

E. Hendrick's Gin. This has become my favorite gin and makes a perfect cocktail for both summer and fall. What's my favorite? Gin, tonic and mint with lime! Yum!

F. Flowered Doc Martens. If you're not ready to make the full transition into boot season, try out these awesome flowered boots by Doc Marten. You get the best of both Summer and Fall with these great floral designs.

G. Stockholm Cushion by Ikea. This pillow is not only pleasing to the eye, but comfy and currently fits very well into my living room. It's a great design item for any room and is simple enough to match with almost any layout.

H. Leather Jacket & White Tee. You can't go wrong with a good leather jacket and a white t-shirt. It's simple and classic; it will never go out of style! I was able to score a great leather jacket at a clothing swap and a great white t-shirt is easy to come by. My favorite simple tees can be found at Alternative Apparel.


If you love Darin's aesthetic as much as we do, be sure to check out her design work for your next graphic design project!  Have a great week everyone, and we'll talk to you again on Friday!

- Steph, Darin, & The Fortique Team