How To Personalize Your Wedding...Affordably

We love being inspired by fun and innovative ideas when it comes to wedding planning, but how do you draw inspiration from others and keep a level of personalization in your wedding details?  Style Me Pretty-featured wedding planner Tyler Flood has creative ideas to help you keep your personality in the elements of your wedding:  


How will your personality and style shine through on your wedding day? No matter the venue or budget, your wedding can be a unique reflection of you that will leave long-lasting memories!  Here are a few simple, yet creative ways to leave your fingerprint on your special day.

The Guest Book

Your guest book is a great opportunity to incorporate your passions, hobbies, and history. Do you and your fiancé love to travel?  Have your guests inscribe their messages on a globe or a vintage map of your favorite city.  Play an instrument or share a passion for music?  Substitute a traditional guest book for a guitar or vinyl records which can later be framed and displayed.   Looking for something more interactive? Puzzles, fingerprint ink art, and photo books containing your engagement photos can add fun and personalization.

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Whether DIY or professionally designed, custom signage adds a fun and decorative touch.  Display your favorite quotes and destinations, food and drink menus, details and other directions to guide your guests through your celebration.

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Escort Cards/Table Signs

Kick off your reception with a unique first impression – creative escort cards and table numbers!

Love cooking or gardening?  Herbs and terracotta pots make a beautiful alternative to traditional escort cards and table signs.  Pair childhood photos of you and your fiancé at each age with corresponding table numbers for a truly personal touch.  For wine lovers, collect corks from your favorite bottles and pair with custom printed labels to mark your tables.  Are you a big reader or planning to use vintage books for décor?  Incorporate a typewriter or antique card catalog into your escort card display.  

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Silhouetted Décor

What a better way to ensure your wedding is a reflection of you than, well, you! Contract with a local graphic designer, or find one here on Fortique, to create a customized classic silhouette of you and your fiancé.  Display it on invitations, menu cards, cocktail napkins and more.

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Love these inspired ideas and want more?  Connect with Tyler for your wedding!   

- Steph, Tyler, & The Fortique Team