Give It a Go: Decorate With an Inspiration Board

What is an inspiration or mood board and how can they help you affordably decorate your home?  We asked Virginia/DC Interior Designer Nicole Heiner to explain what these "boards" are and how you can use them: 


FORTIQUE:   "We've heard about inspiration/mood boards everywhere, especially with the rise of Pinterest.  What exactly ARE they?"

NICOLE:  "An inspiration board is just a great way to get all of the ideas in your head out onto a tangible surface. You can pull looks that you like; things that you envision being a part of the aesthetic for the space that you are working with. Your board can include anything that inspires you; or things you plan to use in the room. My boards include colors, textures, pictures of spaces that I've seen and that I love. Everything and anything. It's just a starting point; and from there you can begin to edit and really shape what the space is going to be about."

FORTIQUE:  "If someone wanted to hire a designer to help them pull together an inspiration board, what would the process be?"

NICOLE:  "My personal process is to meet with the client and find out more about them; many times they won't have a clear idea of what they want from the space so the approach I take is to find out about them personally, what things do they like? Where are there favorite travel spots? What inspires them? Etc. I then begin to pull looks and images that I think fit their needs. I recently worked with a couple that was on a very tight deadline with not a lot of time to sit down; so we collaborated via email and I actually suggested creating a virtual inspiration board for them through Pinterest. I was able to post links and ideas, paint colors, and they were able to log in and see the progress. I could also then link things straight to sites where they can be purchased. It was a convenient way for both of us to work."

FORTIQUE:  "What does the final product look like?  Is it always virtual?"

NICOLE:  "The final product is as unique as the project! It really just depends; as I noted above I like to work with the client to find out what makes the most sense for them; I've done boards and binders--anything that lets us have a space where anything goes. It is the stage in the process where there's no wrong answer; do we think it's an option? Let's include it; editing comes later; the inspiration board is more of a freestyle which makes it so much fun!" 

FORTIQUE:  "How much should a consumer expect to pay if they hire a designer to pull together an inspiration board?"

NICOLE:  "The cost depends on the depth of the project; for smaller projects I am willing to do complimentary inspiration boards, but I would say on average cost is between $50-$100.  Contact me here to get started!


Check out the actual inspiration board behind this beautiful office designed by Virginia/DC Interior Designer Teri Clar:

Mood Board Blog Image.png

If you're interested in working with Nicole or Teri to build your own inspiration board, contact them on Fortique!

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Happy decorating! 

- Steph, Nicole, Teri, & The Fortique Team