Q&A: Are Accent Walls Dated?

We're starting a Q&A series on Fortique and are submitting readers' questions to our team of creative experts!  One I've heard quite a bit is whether or not accent walls are considered dated and/or tacky.  This question had to go to Teri since she expertly transformed my office into the stunning room you see below.  In short, according to Washington DC Interior Designer Teri Clar, accent walls are classic if done well.  Read below for more! 

Office Designed By Teri Clar

Office Designed By Teri Clar

 I don't think accent  walls are dated.  I think they are classic.  Don't get me wrong.  Maybe your typical earth-tone green accent  wall in an otherwise eggshell room with a muted oriental rug and a leather grandpa couch is the epitome of dated.  But these days the accent  wall has taken on a whole new meaning.  The color of your accent  wall is key.  It can pull everything together and be the background for the whole room.  Think a deep teal, a high gloss black, or a fun pop of bright magenta!  Designers are getting brave with accent  walls, and the results can be stunning.  An accent  wall doesn't only mean paint anymore either.  What about an all cork wall, or salvaged wood planks, or just a cool funky wallpaper print?

You can have a statement accent  wall at any budget as well.  All you need is a good imagination...or a designer with one!  In my new apartment, my bedroom accent  wall is in a metallic silver paint.  It is gorgeous and pretty affordable!  You just need to use something that will be good as the base for the whole room.  The job of the accent  wall is kind of like the job of the area rug.  Make sure it's color, texture, or pattern is brought up in smaller areas throughout the rest of the room, and you are all set!

A lot of times the cost effective shopper may opt out on a designer thinking that they are too expensive. (And honestly, other than Fortique, they are!) But a consultation with a designer on wall color, or creative accent  wall ideas would really only take as little as one to two hours, and it could make the difference between a having a regular room with a painted wall, or a completed, designed room.

If you are going for the accent  wall on your own, my best advice is to just go for it!  Be brave.  If you like it, and you think it will work, it most likely will.  You just need to commit.  Once it is up, and say you hate it, it is a very simple fix.  I think a little creativity with an accent  wall-- though it may seem risky-- always looks better than a boring room.  And it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion from a designer!

Here are some great examples of accent walls done well: 

photo (72).JPG
photo (71).JPG
photo (70).JPG
photo (1).PNG
photo (69).JPG

If you're needing some help with your design work, even some virtual help, contact Teri here :: http://fortique.com/provider/interiordesign/teri 

- Steph, Teri, & The Fortique Team