Did You Know: Techniques for Hanging Wall Art

I'm so excited that we are addressing this topic today, because I ALWAYS struggle with hanging wall art.  How much is too much?  At what height should you hang your pieces?  1970 Dogwood Street helps us with these questions.

 1970 Dogwood Street is a dynamic duo that specializes in everything home.  They can design and decorate a space in need or help install a specific project.  They'll even run errands for you!  In short, they know EVERYTHING about home improvement.  Here's what they have to say about hanging wall art.


Ever find yourself staring at a blank wall in your home … and trying to imagine how to make it look elegant, sophisticated, personal, and welcoming?   You are not alone!  Many people struggle with that first attempt to hang art.  It’s difficult to take a leap of faith and put nails in your pristine walls!

There are no “hard and fast” rules for hanging art, but there a few guidelines to consider.  Generally, you want to hang things so that the middle of the piece is at eye level, typically about 65 to 70 inches off the floor.   If you are hanging framed items above a piece of furniture, you want to make sure it relates to the piece below it … you don’t want it to look as though it is “floating” with nothing to ground it.

In some instances, you’ll have a large piece that can stand alone.  However, you can have success in grouping several items together.  You can make a larger impact this way.

 At 1970 Dogwood Street, we have installed several “gallery walls” for our clients, with great success. We have done this with framed photographs, or with a mix of photos and art.  We’ve also added ledges or shelves filled with pottery, small vases, personalized items, and postcards.

It’s not as daunting as it seems if you know where to start. You don’t even need to start out knowing how many pieces you will have for the final installment. With gallery walls, you simply start in the middle of your space and go out from there.  For instance, find the piece you’d like to place in the middle, and hang that piece first.  Then hang other items around it in a spacing that you find pleasing. 

It helps to gather all items together and play around with the placement.  Do this on the floor.  You can tape off a large area that mimics the dimensions of your wall.  Take a picture of this arrangement so you can replicate it on your wall.

The cluster of pictures above are not completely centered on the wall – they are slightly higher than center from floor to ceiling, but centered from right to left. They you just build the pictures to either side of the first cluster.


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 - Steph, 1970 Dogwood Street, & The Fortique Team