Did You Know: How to Look Good in Pictures

Happy Monday!  Today we're talking pictures.  I found this fun article in a recent Real Simple magazine (only THE best magazine for lifestyle/organization tips) and just had to share the highlights.  Specifically, I loved the tips for how to look lovely in planned photos.  After all, don't we always hate our company directory, badge, head shot, and license photos?  Now we don't have to!  Here are my takeaways from the article:

Blog Image - Real Simple.png
  1. Conceal lightly:  Use concealer instead of foundation to cover redness and shadows on your face.  Look into a mirror with your head tilted down to find the shadowy parts on your face.  Seal your look with matte powder on your T-zone, chin, and cheeks to cover greasiness.  Real Simple advises staying away from all-over shimmer to avoid appearing shiny.
  2. Enhance your eyes: Brows and the upper eyelid are the name of the game.  Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder and line your top lid to make your eyes pop.  Lining the lower lid closes them up.
  3. Add some color:  Regardless of your skin tone, use sheer blush to avoid appearing pale or washed-out.  Avoid applying any closer to your nose than the center of your irises; this will make your eyes appear closer set.  
  4. Lighten your lips:  Avoid taupe, brown, or super-glossy lipsticks.  Stick to warm with a matte or slightly shimmery finish.
  5. Pump up the volume:  Keep hair soft and natural.  Firmly set dos are less flattering.  Also, trying to keep some of your hair off your face, even it is just tucking a few strands behind your ear.
  6. Tame flyaways:  Light can pick up those fuzzy stray hairs and distract in the photo.  Smooth them down with a lightweight hairspray.

Thanks, Real Simple for some awesome tips! 

 - Steph & The Fortique Team