Give it a Go: Host a Launch Party

Do you have a local business with a new product, store, or published piece?  Celebrate it!  Host a launch party and do it efficiently.  Dechele from DC-based Darian and Dechele Events specializes in these types of parties and shares with us some really helpful tips and tricks for making the most of your launch.  If you still want more advice or just want to chat with Dechele, you can reach out to her on Fortique at!    


Having a launch party for your new business, a recently published book, or a new product is one of the most important events for your business.  It’s a chance to establish your brand identity, interact with potential customers, and is the perfect opportunity to get your brand in front of the public.  Here are some tips to making your launch party stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guest.

Secure The Perfect Location: It is important that you pick a location that fits in with your brand and the image you are trying to create.  If your business is a new nanny service, it might not be wise for you to have a launch party at your local bar.  Pick a location that fits your company and your potential clients.  There are so many great DC venues to choose from for the perfect launch party, but I am narrowing the list down to 3 venues to consider for the perfect location.

Blog Image-Launch Party.png
  1. P.O.V Rooftop Lounge: P.O.V Rooftop Lounge is perfect for intimate gatherings that will provide your guests with the best view of the city.  Fine dining cuisine, exclusive cocktails, and a stunning view of the city makes this location a top contender for your event.
  2. Stroga: Stroga is a yoga studio located in the heart of Adam’s Morgan, but upstairs is one of the most amazing event spaces I have come across in the city!  A beautiful staircase entrance and hanging chandelier, Stroga is sure to blow your guest away at your launch party.
  3. Anthenaeum: Anthenaeum is an art gallery full of rich history in Alexandria, VA. Your guests are sure to love the special exhibits featured at the gallery during your launch party.  I am a huge fan of the exposed brick and high ceilings.

Guest List: It’s important to invite the right people to your launch party (think potential clients, investors, and the media).  Send out a media blast to local newspapers and bloggers announcing your event.  Another outlet to use is Eventbrite.  Eventbrite is the perfect social media event management site for inviting your guest to your event.

Entertainment: Yes the night is all about announcing your new venture, but you should also provide some entertainment for your guests.  Feature a live demo of your product or services offered, if possible, and also consider live bands, raffles, and speakers.

Swag Bags: Let’s face it, everybody loves swag, and this is the perfect way to keep your business on your guest minds days after your event.  Consider key chains, pens with your logo, or promo codes for your product or services.  The options are limitless!

At Darian and Dechele Events, I specialize in assisting with all stages of launch parties.  I will help you choose the perfect venue for your event as well as the vendors needed to make the event a success.  I also assist with budget management, entertainment selection, and the development of a successful marketing strategy.  Contact me today for a complimentary consultation on your launch party!


Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend!


- Steph, Dechele, & The Fortique Team