Fortique Finds: Handmade Rugs

We are excited to be blogging from Montreal today!  Inspired by the art, culture, and craftsmanship in Old Montreal, we thought it was fitting to talk about what makes handmade rugs worth the money and how you should approach purchasing one for your home.  Danielle from Gray Livin', an interior design business in the Washington DC area, shares her thoughts on the subject as well as some of her favorite handmade rugs!  



Every home deserves a high quality rug that has decorative appeal and will last for years to come.  While we can appreciate the value of an inexpensive rug, a high quality handmade rug is ideal if you want something that will hold up over time. There are several reasons why handmade rugs are a great asset for your home.

  • Durable enough to maintain their appearance in high-traffic areas;
  • Do not fade or deteriorate with age;
  • Absorbs and retains dyes very well; and
  • Easy to clean

Handmade rugs are made from natural fibers like wool or silk and are either woven or knotted by hand. It’s a labor intensive process but the artistry and craftsmanship is worth the investment.

Choosing the perfect rug can be daunting. As a designer, the number one question clients always ask is, what size rug should I get? It’s important to select a size that is the right scale and to choose one that compliments your furniture. If you don’t understand how scale works in a room, you risk buying a rug that’s either too small or too big. To avoid making this mistake, try to visualize the rug in your space, finalize the furniture layout, and then take measurements to determine how big or small you want to go. When all else fails you can also work with an interior designer to help guide you through the rug buying process.

Gray Livin’ offers hourly design consultations geared to help clients make tough decisions regarding the rug style, design and color palette, pile height, hand-tufted vs. hand-knotted, and natural vs. synthetic dyes. A skilled an interior designer will do the research and work through all the details for you. That way you can focus on doing more important things like enjoying your new rug when it arrives.

Here are a few examples of my favorite handmade custom rug designs:

  1. Ascend: Galaxy
  2. Malene B: Batik
  3. Malene B: Granada
  4. Kyle Bunting: Reflect
  5. Ascend: Black Eye
  6. Delos: Zeal


Hiring an interior designer for a couple hours to help with something like rug selection is the perfect way to get a wealth of design expertise and get to know your interior designer without a lot of cost or commitment.  Chat with Danielle here to see how she can help you out!

 - Steph, Danielle, & The Fortique Team