Work It: Arm Candy!

If you're anything like me, you fail miserably at leveraging the power of the accessory when getting dressed in the morning.  I never seem to know what to wear, what not to wear, what is fashionable, etc.  One thing I've been noticing lately (and have been loving) is the "arm party" or "arm candy".  But what is this, and how do you wear it?  We brought in the jewelry expert - Stella & Dot Independent Stylist Rene Kauder - to help us navigate this trend.  Here's what she has to say!   


You may have heard the term, “Arm Party” before and wondered what the heck is this person talking about?  I bring it up at every Stella & Dot Trunk Show and there are typically only a handful of people who know what I mean.  Basically, we are talking about the stacked wrist trend – aka, Arm Party or even Arm Candy.  There really are no rules when you want to create your own arm party.  Here are a few helpful tips that I share with guests:

Select your favorite bracelet first and use this as your focal point to build on.  Right now one of my favorite go to Wanderlust Triple Wrap.

 – it adds a great pop of color and is the perfect base of your arm party.  You can wear it alone, add it to a great watch, or as seen here, add a couple delicate bangles in a complimenting metal finish.

Arm Party.png

3 to 5 bracelets are a great number to bring to the party!  As you can see here, the wrists are simple, and the metals coordinate.  Each wrist has one bracelet that serves as the focal point, and the others compliment that one.  A great Meredith Stretch bracelet.  I love the texture and the various colors this brings to the wrist.

Arm Party 2.png

Use your watch as the centerpiece.  One of my customers’ favorite pieces to layer with their watches is the Christina Link Bracelet which you see in all three of these photos.

Arm Party 3.png

Mixing your metals is OK!  In fact, it is encouraged!  The Luna Wrap is great piece to do this with, and you never have to worry about matching your wedding ring and/or watch again!

Arm Party 5.png

Sometimes it’s OK to be the only one at the party.  When you have a statement piece like our Petra, Tempest, or Lucia Pearl bracelets, it’s OK for them to sparkle and shine on their own.

Arm Party 4.png

When playing up a wrist with bold color and pattern do the same with a statement earring and keep your neckline simple.

Arm Party 6.png

All the jewelry you see pictured here is Stella & Dot (except for the watches).  You can find more examples of arm parties by searching #sdarmparty on Instagram.  If you have any questions about anything you see here or are interested in seeing everything in person at your own Stella & Dot Style event, please contact me!  You can view more of our fabulous collection on my website at



If you want to see more fun jewelry, come visit Rene at her pop-up Stella & Dot shop this Friday, June 28th at 5:30pm at the Blush Med Institute in Bethesda!   

- Steph, Rene, & The Fortique Team