Fortique Finds: Affordable Maternity Picks

What do you think of when you think of a maternity wardrobe?  Moo-moos, peasant tops, and sweat pants?  Not anymore!  With designers like Rosie Pope, Isabella Oliver, and A Pea in the Pod specializing in maternity style, selection is no longer the problem…it’s PRICE.  To stay stylish while pregnant, it seems you have to be willing to invest in a completely new wardrobe that’s MORE expensive than the wardrobe you already own.   

My sister and I teamed up to find the most cost-effective way to keep her stylish throughout her pregnancy.  She successfully transitioned her typical Theory, Gucci, and Burberry wardrobe into an equally fashionable wardrobe with a few key economical pieces.  Check out these 5 affordable must-have staples for a stylish and practical casual, business casual, and business formal maternity wardrobe. 


Blog Image - Maternity Must-Haves.png
  1. Premium Denim Jeans - Stilt Secret Fit Belly Jeans by AG ($210):  These are an absolute must-have purchase for a complete pregnancy wardrobe.  They will expand as you do, and they'll keep you stylish post-partum.  Based on reviews from moms-to-be, the jeans with the over-the-belly band are the most comfy. 
  2. Bubble Hem Tops - Select Tops by Ann Taylor ($68 - frequently on sale!): These are my favorite discovery.  Typically unwilling to venture away from her favorite designers, my sister let me style her at Ann Taylor once she began to show.  We found piles of stylish, breezy, colorful bubble hem tops that fit perfectly over her growing belly.  The elastic at the bottom kept them in place, and they looked great with her maternity skinnies for a casual look and under her suit jacket for a professional look.  Best part - most of them were under $30 on sale. 
  3. Suit Pants - Maternity Max Pants by Theory ($255) : Finally a good maternity work pant!  Theory uses the same fabric they use for their non-maternity suits, so you can mix and match with the suit jackets you already own.  Perfect money-saver!  
  4. Spanx Bra - Bra-llelujah Underwire Contour by Spanx ($37.99-$62)The great thing about this bra is that it expands as you do.  The rib cage is forgiving and contours to your changing body, making it possible to wear the same set of bras throughout your pregnancy.  
  5. Basic Tanks - Tanks by Target ($16.99) :  Don't underestimate Target's maternity line.  These comfy, quality tanks will keep you covered for all 9 months and beyond.  They come in an assortment of colors and are perfect for layering, wearing under suits, and sporting with yoga pants.  Buy half a dozen! 

Hope this helps get you started.  If you need more help styling what you already own or picking out a few additional pieces, touch base with Marissa, Karen, or Erika - each is a maternity styling expert, and can help put your mind at ease!

 - Steph & The Fortique Team