Seeking the Moment

I am thrilled to share a guest post from the inspiring Alex Kafka! He is an incredibly insightful photographer with a wealth of experience "capturing the moment" at DC fashion events. I wanted to learn more about what he does, so I asked him to shed some light on his approach to photography. Be sure to check out his full portfolio here and contact him for any event photography needs. Enjoy!  

- Steph & The Fortique Team

I love fashion shoots and event shoots, but have developed, mostly as a contributing photographer for, a bit of a niche in the hybrid I've come to call the "fashion event" shoot. It's a strange bird, that hybrid, because it includes elements of news, candid portrait, fashion, and performing-arts photography. So Fortique and I thought it would be fun to walk you through the backstory on a few shots from my coverage of the late-April RAW Artists event, “Marvel,” at Penn Social.

Marvel, like all of RAW’s fantastically varied happenings, featured not just fashion, but artists, musicians, dancers, and makeup and face-painting wizards. A lot of the participants are young up-and-comers and I was struck by how supportive they were of each other’s work and also how passionate and bravely emotionally revealing their work was.

Emy, of the duo Emy&Ethan, had a particular earnestness and innocence to her look, especially with the retro designer blue dress she was wearing for the occasion. So I tried to capture her soulfulness in this bluesy shot:

F1 Emy Soulful.jpg

...and the simple courageous “here I am” vibe she emanated here (it didn’t hurt that by then she’d let down her Botticelli hair):

F2 Emy Here I Am.jpg

 ...and her smile—well, that speaks for itself.

F3 Emy Smile.jpg

Flo Anito is a wonderful singer-songwriter who sounds a little like Jewel crossed with the Clare Bowen character, Scarlett, on the TV show Nashville. There’s a sweetness to Anito’s work, but more than a little sadness and pain, too, so I tried to capture her vulnerability and tenderness here:

F4 Flo Anito Vunlerability.jpg

...and snapped this one because I liked the contrast between the indignation on Anito’s face and the more sanguine expression of the woman on the mural behind her:

F5 Flo Anito Indignant.jpg

The beautiful actress Julia White emceed, and she has a sort of classic visage that seemed to call out for an old-Hollywood black-and-white treatment:

F6 Lauren White.jpg

The fashion of sPACY cLOUD, on the other hand, required approaches as colorful as the designer’s freewheeling imagination:

F7 Spacy Cloud Colorful.jpg
F8 Spacy Cloud Imagination.jpg

Of course, the faces offstage are sometimes as dramatic as those on.

F9 Offstage Face Paint.jpg