What's Your Personal Image?


Meet Jessica - she is a multi-talented photographer, make-up artist, stylist extraordinaire!  Today, however, I'm just going to focus on her photography.

I met Jessica a few weeks ago when suddenly I found myself in need of a professional head shot.  AHHHH - who am I supposed to call for THAT?  And how much do these things cost?  Hundreds of dollars apparently, and I was not prepared to pay for that.  Fortunately, I heard from a friend that Jessica had done some head shots for a colleague who recently launched a magazine.  PHEW, I was in luck.  For a fraction of the cost, she took what seemed like hundreds of shots in multiple poses and locations.  She even helped style my accessories (and my crazy hair) so I looked my best.  

Check out some highlights from her head shot portfolio below and schedule your shoot with Jessica today!   

- Steph & The Fortique Team