Easy Holiday Decor

We hope you all survived Thanksgiving. So, now that the dust has settled (a little), it’s time for a debrief. Here are some ideas we tested out that you might want to work into your next big event. Easy and fun: doesn’t get much better than that!

Easy Holiday Decor Flowers in Vase
Butcher paper wrapped table

No-Fuss Flowers

 This idea came out of boredom. Tired of seeing the same traditional arrangement on the dinner table, we mixed it up a bit. The best part? No flower arranging skills required!


  1. Pick up whatever flowers you love.  Pull from your yard, an aging bunch you have already, but your favorites.
  2. Layer the flowers in a clear vase. Think of it like a flower trifle.

Butcher Paper Placemat
Butcher Paper Placemat Flower
Butcher Paper Placemat 3

Fun + Functional Table 

This idea is perfect for anyone who has kids, a creative heart, or who wants to minimize cleanup.

  1. Line your table with brown paper. Remember to tape it down on the ends and sides of the table to prevent it from moving around on your guests.
  2. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, block off faux placemats with tape. We used washi tape which is available in the scrapbooking sections of many stores.
  3. Lay out plenty of markers and let your guests unleash their inner child! (Note: Don’t forget to do a test to make sure the markers don’t bleed through.)