Design Basics

 Whether it’s a flyer, a room, or a Thanksgiving table there are a few design principles to know to ensure a good design.  Keep these elements in mind to ensure a successful result on your next design adventure.

1.    Purpose

Before you start your design, it’s important to clearly define your purpose. Why are you making this design? What is the goal? Answering these questions early on will make all the decisions that follow much easier.

2.    Composition

Simply stated, composition is how the elements of your design are organized or presented. A good composition  keeps elements balanced within the space given.

3.    Color Palate

After you know what elements are going to be involved in your project,  and approximately where they’ll go, it’s important to consider what colors will work best for you, and for your overall aesthetic. If you’re unsure of where to begin it’s helpful to do some research. When in doubt it’s always easy to stay with neutrals, and swap accent colors in and out as you desire.

4.    Accents

Think of accents as the jewelry of your design. They should provide the design with a little extra punch, but shouldn’t be too distracting or overwhelming.  Choose things that you like, but also match your purpose.


Design color palettes

5.    Finishing Touches

Once you’ve reached the end of the process, it’s important to take a break. A little bit of distance will give you a fresh perspective, and allow you to edit any unnecessary elements out of your design, or add things in that are missing.


Don’t forget! When in doubt, the creative professionals at Fortique are always there to help you out in whatever design adventure you undertake. Happy designing!