Top 3 Thanksgiving Apps

The big day is right around the corner! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your Thanksgiving to-do list, check out these helpful apps. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Best of Thanksgiving Apps

1. KitchenPad: Focus on the cooking instead of the logistics. This app keeps track of all your timers in one place. Choose your oven and stovetop layout, and then label the food, and program the time.  That’s it!


2. CHOW (Thanksgiving Dinner Edition): Think of this app as your mother standing over your shoulder, except without all the nagging. Choose your own combination of nine Thanksgiving favorites, and you’ll get a timeline for the week that takes you all the way up to dinner!


3. 4 Day Throw Away: This app answers all those food safety questions that come when hunger hits and leftovers abound. Choose the food in question and then you’ll know whether or not you can eat free from inhibition.