5 Holiday To-Dos

The holidays are right around the corner. Take a look at this (fun) to-do list to make sure your holidays are full of happiness and cheer! 

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1.    Take candid photos

The holidays provide time for all of us to reconnect with our family and friends. Have your camera at hand so your ready to capture that belly laugh, silly face, or tender moment. These photos will be the ones you’ll come back to year after year. Go a step further and give the best ones as gifts!


2.    Play a game with your whole crew

Leave the dishes soaking in the sink, and crowd around the coffee table with your family and friends. Let your inner child bask in the silliness that ensues.


3.    Divvy up the leftovers

Don’t hog all the delicious goodness for yourself. Have the materials to make up leftover care packages for all your guests to take home. Your guests will be happy, and you’ll have a less to feel guilty about at the gym.


4.    Don’t sweat the small stuff

No one will remember that all the china didn’t match, or that the napkins were different colors. They will remember the people and the fun they had. So, if things don’t turn out according to plan, just laugh it off! Own the flaws. You’ll save your nerves, and your guests will feel totally at ease.


5.    Don’t overbook

You might want do everything, but that doesn’t mean you should. Make sure you schedule some time to relax and enjoy your family, friends, and time off. 

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