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Mischo Beauty product photography by Fortique member Laura Fruchterman

Mischo Beauty Nail Polish

To celebrate today's launch of Mischo Beauty, we caught up with founder Kitiya to hear about her beauty secrets, business tips, and, of course, her new nail polish line! 

F: Stephanie and I had a great time meeting you (and getting our nails done) at your Eileen Fisher Shop Local event. As a local entrepreneur what challenges have you faced launching your luxury nail polish line?

M: The biggest challenge has been creating a toxin-free formula. It was very important to me to have a nail polish that wasn’t harmful to me or my child. To create the perfect formula that was void of all of those harmful ingredients, chip-resistant and the perfect color proved to be difficult, but we pushed through and I’m very proud of the results.

F: Fortique loves supporting local creative talent. As a local creative, how can our readers support you? Where can they find your products?

M: All the support I’ve gained on the upcoming launch Mischo Beauty has been very humbling, and I am very thankful. The more support the better! The nail lacquer will be available for purchase at on November 1.

F: Your nail polish is 5 free. What advantage does this provide consumers?

M: 5-free means that the nail lacquer formulation contains no formaldehyde, no formaldehyde resin, no DBP, no toluene and no camphor.  These are all harmful toxins responsible for causing birth defects, reproductive issues and cancer.  Toxins such as these should be nowhere near your nails.

F: What comes after nail polish? Any other ventures you’d like to pursue?

M: While the current focus is on the nail lacquer collection, I also plan to unveil a color cosmetics collection next Fall.

F: For those times our wallets are a little light…Do you have any favorite drug store beauty finds?

M: Absolutely!  I love skin cleansers by Cetaphil because they seem to work with every skin type.  I’m also fond of facial moisturizers by Olay. For sunscreen, you can never go wrong with Neutrogena products.

F: For those times we want to splurge… What are your go-to beauty buys?

M: The Clarisonic skincare brush will change your life. I’m also a huge fan and advocate of professional facials.  Not only are facials relaxing and pampering, but they are crucial to maintaining the health of your skin. Facials improve and revive your skin. You should definitely consider incorporating facials into your beauty regimen.

F: What is the biggest beauty mistake women make?

M: Going to bed with makeup on. Maintaining clean skin is half the battle to achieving healthy skin.  It’s so important to cleanse your skin before bed because your skin cells repair themselves the most while your body is at rest.  You don’t want makeup, dirt and oil to impede this process.


F: Are there any local products/services you love?

M: Yes! My go-to in DC for hair services is Taylor & York Salon. The Emerald Door is the best for nails!

F: From your bio, it seems like you’ve done it all. How do you balance a packed schedule?

M: It isn’t easy, but prioritizing is important and keeping a daily to-do list is a must for me.

F: As a successful woman in business, what advice can you offer anyone looking to make their dreams realities?

M: The first step is to make a commitment!  Then take action and stay focused and hang on tight for the roller coaster to come. It’s important to keep pushing through during the good and tough times.

F: What has been the coolest thing you’ve done as a beauty guru?

M: It would have to be following my dreams and launching the nail lacquer collection!

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F: Any tips for translating Fall 2013 runways trends into everyday life? 

M: Runway trends are always fun, but not always the most realistic. I like to take colors of the season and wear those on my nails, or adapt a look from the beauty looks. Right now a dark red lip is in, and I’m loving it!

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