Fortique Workshop #1: SEO w/ McLean Robbins

Fortique was happy to host our first workshop on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Monday evening at Studio DBI in Old Town Alexandria. Our speaker, McLean Robbins, a seasoned content strategist and web communications professional who concentrates on developing innovative content strategies for companies worldwide, shared her wisdom on website visibility and all things digital. Fortique providers and community members alike soaked up all the advice McLean had to offer. Here are a few highlights from her talk!


  • Have a plan. Your online presence should be calculated and consistent. Your tone, content genre, and posting schedule should be easy to for your audience to follow. 
  •  Share the wealth. For every post about your own business remember to comment/like/share with others. This will help strengthen your network and improve your visibility. 
  • When in doubt, fill it out. When creating blog content, be sure to keep your tags organized and thoughtful. Remember to use the same tags in your URL, post title, and images. Avoid cutesy titles. Stick with labels that directly relate to your content.
  • Self-evaluate.  Be sure to consistently check your analytics. This will help you recognize trends and adjust your strategy to eliminate what isn’t working. 
  •  Research. Keep tabs on your competition. Are they doing anything different? What are they doing that makes them more or less successful?
  •  Quality not quantity. Just because there are limitless social media platforms to choose from doesn’t mean they are all good for you and your business. Evaluate what each one can offer, and how/if it fits into 
McLean Robbins.jpg

About McLean…Besides being a content strategist and web communications guru, McLean has extensive experience in producing high-visibility web content and designing effective social media campaigns that help build brand and personal visibility for brands including Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons and the Travel Channel. She currently teaches SEO Writing for MediaBistro. Based in Washington, DC, McLean is also a luxury lifestyle writer for The Washingtonian, Forbes Travel Guide, Robb Report, and AOL. She holds a Masters in Digital Journalism from Georgetown University and an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University.